-Nothing last forever

Nothing last forever

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We learn the value of words with life. Sometime words can be forgotten and dismissed.


                        Nothing last forever
(Written on March 6, 1989

I told you often. Nothing last forever. The veil of love is dangerous. Make us dance and sing in the rain than teach us love can slip away and leave us with emptiness.

Even the strongest love can weaken and be abandoned. The once great gestures of love like sweet kiss and embrace  become shadows of tenderness. Cold and lonely heart denied the  love was true and fall into self exiled.

But I forgot to tell you. Shadow of faces and places where two lovers submerged in the safety of love is never forgotten. They are scars upon heart and mind. Never forgotten.

Today you asked me where did the crazy man of yesterday disappear to? I told you. Like all dreams they fade away to become distance memories.  Old temptations and enticing kisses recede to hidden places and sweet private dreams and hope.

You shook me and told me. Yesterday was to educate us in turbulent emotion of love. If we don’t undress and collapse in the chaos of passion. If you don’t fall in the whirlwind of endless kisses and embrace. What have we done?

I looked away from you and  whispered. I told you nothing last forever once. I did want to believe these words.  I was wrong. I learn every touch and embrace become part of you. I learn you can’t cheat love and the karma of love is fair. Users and abusers will pay the keeper of love and kindness.

I understand today.  You were so beautiful, maybe too beautiful and  I wanted your forever. You were my Winter love and I didn’t know in the Spring.  We would partway and I would be left behind. My flesh remembered you and my heart and eyes want to escape your vision. I know when the love is dead. Rarely can be revived.

You walked away from me and  I make a desperation wish. Please turn around and tell me you missed me and need me. You walked away and don’t look back.  I learn love can live and die. I learn also. Love can’t be caged or held without true promise.

Coyote/John Castellenas