In Another World

Powerful and needed words by a talented writer. Please read and reblogged.

musée d'ivan

In Another World

I find myself sitting here at times
Wishing I could somehow get away
Daydreaming of a world that awaits
A better world, much better than this

In another world all we know is peace
No wars or conflicts, no protests in streets
In another world we know no poverty
No famine, everybody gets to eat
In another world greed never came to be
‘Coz care and not cash is the main currency

In another world true democracy exists
It’s not used to excuse acts of terrorists
We have humanitarian superpowers
No military ones used to conquer
In another world people not firms rule it
No bottom lines, peace is the only profit

In another world we all dine at the same table
Faiths aren’t used to divide us and Kane never killed Abel
In another world we know no differences
No one’s looked down upon, there are no racists

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