Midnight hour

You cross my mind in the midnight hours

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love is a wild dance. Leave us holding tightly. Hoping forever with the breaking dawn ready to end the perfect dance.


The dance
Love is a wild dance.
Make us hold on tightly deep into the midnight hour.
Holding the embrace and honoring the sweet kiss.
The breaking dawn begin to create separation.
The once perfect dance because distance memory when
love is left behind. Two people depart to different places and shores.

I love you

I whispered to you. I love you my muse.
You are resting peacefully.
Deep in sweet dreams of things lost.
I hear you calling names of people lost in time.
I hold the embrace and understand.
Love need payment.
There are thieves in love and rare moments when we know the paradise of
true love.
You awaken and asked me. Did I talk again and cry in my sad dreams?
I told my sad love. Love is addicting and the longing for the first sweet dance and kiss.
We cannot forget.


She asked me. Why must we bleed in love? Be left behind.
Why is the irony of love dead-ends  and sad stories?
Why do you stay with me? I’m cold and I feel lifeless.
I whispered to my sad eyes beauty.
Longing, needing and being seduced by the color of true passion.
Can leave us alone and destitute. Love is a fire. Need two people with the fierce hunger
and want to love. Rarely is possible.
I stay with you because I know my lover. We need more hellos and
less goodbyes.

Coyote/John Castellenas