Amazing artwork and words by a outstanding writer. Please read and enjoy.

Siren Whispers

FullSizeRenderShe always wondered

if she would cooly and confidently walk toward him

a smile on her face

eyes locked with his

trying to seem calm 

when inwardly she was a mess of feeling…

Or would she throw caution to the wind

launching herself into his arms

her delight

taking over…

She knows that she cannot bluff.

She knows he would know in any case.


She imagines the sweet intoxication

of burying herself in his arms

of melting into him

feeling him melting into her.

Her yearning fingertips

finding his skin

burning him with her touch.

Her body shivering in delight and desire

at his proximity

the anticipation of later

on her mind.

Her smile

wide and joyous

at finally being where she belongs

in his arms…



Artwork by Andre Kohn

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