-A thousand years

A thousand years

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love never die my friend. Just a place we must water and care for.


A thousand years

Where are you,  my sweet lover? I searched for you and all I found was traces of smiles and scent of gentle and sweet perfume left.

We had an untamed love. You turned me inside out and made me bleed often. You taught me I could feel and I was alive.

I remember your desperate kisses and our ascend to places of passion where we got lost in the dance of long embrace and kiss.

You made me know. I was dying to love and real love demand payment. We were the fortunate ones for a moment. We held embrace and kiss over all things. I told you I would love you a thousand year and you promised me nuptial bliss till my last breath.

I learn love built on words are promises  made to be broken. We held enormous dreams that stole our wisdom to disarm things that could not be. I wanted to save a world. That could not be saved. You wanted to dance, paint beautiful pictures and save a few.

I remember we found the fragile cup of quiet for a time. A time tattoos engraved deeply upon my heart and soul today. I learn too late. My promise to love you for a thousand years.  Were true emotions that I cannot forget and do not regret.

Today I’m adrift in the fragment of your memory. I learn restrain was a false emotion. I should of stop and never allowed you to leave my life. I should of bend and flexed to ensure I never allow your beautiful face and caress to leave my life.

Today I have dreams of a beauty who whispered kind words of love and promised me sweet kiss and embrace forever. I wished I knew. Forever was for the lucky and the fortunate ones.

Coyote/John Coyote

© 2015 Coyote Poetry