Withour dear woman- Men are just bare land.

A mother’s tears

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When a life is lost in war. Someone is heart broken somewhere.








                               A mother’s tears

There is nothing as beautiful as a mother and a child.

I watched a mother holding and singing to her baby.

“I love you my baby. No-one will hurt you.

Mama will buy a soft little bed to rest your small body.”

Can we see beyond the color of the skin?

Will we hate because their religion is not same as ours?

Will we close our eyes to help someone in need

because the pain isn’t ours to feel?

The mother looked out a window. She see a dirty city.

So many helpless people with no place to go.

She bring her baby closer and kisses her baby head.

She sings “I love you my sweet baby,

I pray for the day when the world is safe for you.

Everyone had a fair chance.”

The rain drops are acid rain.

Violence is a normal thing in this world.

 Another soldier died.

Somewhere tears are falling for the soldier.

He was someone son who mother’s tears will never stop.









A young woman prayed.

“God, protect my baby for the world is cold and heartless.

keep my baby safe from the hate and violence.

Please lord of life and death allow my child to grow strong

and have a fair chance at a good life.

Lord keep my baby safe for she is my world
and I would empty and alone without her

 Tears falls from the young woman eyes.

The view from her window of a world falling apart.

She knew her tears for her baby has just began.


                         Oct 2008