Is this the end my friend?

Is this the end my friend?

(One week of terror.  Must stop the terror. 100 attacks in this month alone.  Men who kill the innocent are not soldiers. Soldiers fight soldiers. Not the women, children and old people)

2016.03.25 Yemen Aden 25 15 Three al-Qaeda suicide bombings leave twenty-five dead.
2016.03.25 Iraq Iskandariyah 41 105 Forty-one innocents are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a soccer game.
2016.03.23 Syria Foua 2 3 Ahrar al-Sham snipers pick off two civilians.
2016.03.22 Bangladesh Kurigram 1 0 A Christian convert is stabbed to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2016.03.22 Belgium Brussels 11 92 Eleven people are murdered when two suicide bombers detonate nail-packed explosives at crowded airline counters.
2016.03.22 Belgium Brussels 20 130 A Religion of Peace suicide blast on a subway train incinerates twenty commuters.
2016.03.19 Iraq Mosul 70 0 A mass grave is discovered containing the remains of seventy female Yazidi victims of ISIS torture and execution.
2016.03.19 Turkey Istanbul 4 39 An ISIS suicide bomber murders four people along a city street, including two American tourists.


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I’m tire of war. I’m tire of naysayers of peace. Is blood and death is what we will leave for the next generation?


Is this the end my friend?

I saw children being killed in the Middle East .
They are killing babies.
So many mama’s and babies being killed.
Where is God?
Where are the Prophets of peace?

Please lord.
Stop the killing of the innocent.
Allow the gardens of life and minds to grow without fear.

Is this the end my friend?
Jesus told us. Hurt a child. You create pain in him.
Poor Jesus must be crying a million tears for the one million children
dying monthly of starvation.

The guns are a-blazing.
Great cities are falling.
Israel turn the tables.
Once was the prey. Now accomplished killer/predator of people in their way.

There is no room in paradise for men who authorize killing of people and destroying cities.
This is the work of evil.

I believe the world turning a blind eye.
Leaving small country to countries hiding their true reasons to search and destroy.

I go to the quiet forest.
I pray.
Stop the guns.
Stop the bleeding of poor babies, woman and men trying to hold on to their home and cities.
The blood increases everyday.
The blood bath added more war and killing.
Hate is alive and well in our world.

Brother’s killing brother. Internal struggle destroying once great countries.
What will be left when we kill  all the kindness that is left?

Who is crying for the misplaced Libyan and Palestinian?
Israel must stop pushing people away from their homeland
and Libya must regain wisdom.

I’m tire of war.
Where are the gentle hands of peace?
Where are the voices of love to stop the madness?

Is this the end my friend?
Are all of our hands soaked deep in  blood?
We don’t see the misery around us?

Was an old myth.
Where Soldiers would not fight anymore.
Where greed and hate lost strength standing alone.

War is a sin.
Killing women and children for the profit of war.
Make any country involved guilty as the Soldiers or country doing the killing.

Time for people of peace to stand together everywhere.

If you stand for nothing. Don’t raise your voice in disappointment.
What will you do when your child will march off to war because you did
not give a nickle.

War is a sin, my friend.