_Liar’s prayer

Liar’s prayer

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Reading ancient writers and computer was down. Started writing some new poetry. I hope you enjoy.


                                  Liar’s prayer

My kind and new friend. We sat together in the darkness of the Irish Tavern in Austin, Texas.
We drank the good whiskey and heavy beer.
Her words begin to open up as the strong whiskey brake down the walls of disappointment.
Her coldness of eyes and thoughts become more warmer and fearless.

She asked me. What the use of love? Are we just giving opportunity for someone to tear us
apart and leave us for dead?

I ordered a double of Black Velvet and told my new friend.
“Sometimes we need good whiskey and drink.
Allowed us to forget.
We are soil and old. Forgotten.”

I watched the once time  beauty queen accept my words with sad eyes and I whispered.
We need the lair’s prayer sometimes. Beauty fade and anger take over.
All we have left is the ancient and lonely memories.
“Take me.
Touch me.
Make me scream.
Whisper liar’s words of love.
Let’s swim in leftover joy and pleasure.
No winner or loser my friend.
When there is nothing to lose or gain.
Just hold me tight for a moment or  a dance.”

My friend smiled and laughed. She told me. “Your words are true. Sometime we can’t win or lose.
Maybe it good to desire a draw in love. Maybe laughter and good conversation is better than
desiring too much.

My new friend came nearer. Laid her head on my shoulder. She raised her face up and asked.
“Would you take me dancing tonight?”

I kissed her and told her. “I would be honored. ”
She asked can love be reborn?

I smiled and told her. “Love come when love desired. Can’t force love or make another person
love you. Love take time and kindness. Many kinds of love. Real love is hard work and two strong
people. Better to not rush love. Love come when love desired.”