Beautiful faces

Beautiful faces and passionate kisses.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good to be young in heart. Willing to rebirth love and desire everyday of an life.


                    Beautiful faces and passionate kisses

When the night is long and sleep is far away.
Sweet faces appeared to awake dead passion and  re-birth ghosts lost in the sea of memories.
Regret is plenty for the once fearless in love and life.

Those whiskey dances and kisses can be rebirth with too much drink and time to ponder.
Beautiful faces appear and you wish to question.
Where are you my sweet love?

Do you remember me?
Like I remember you.
I remember my beautiful auburn hair girl dancing barely clothed by the light of the moon.
The music was the sea and we had no place to go.

We drank good whiskey and  sat on the Seaside beach.
Enjoying long sweet passionate kisses and we danced by the light of the stars and the moon.

Beautiful faces and passionate kisses are the wealth of a lucky man.
I tell the young.  Find time for adventure. Hold a lover on a lonely beach and know the passion
of the kiss and the dance of love and freedom.

Life is short.
One day all you will have is the memories and wished to be able hold a lover by the sea.
Share passionate kisses and dance to the sound of the waves.