Somebody’s Chelsea

Somebody’s Chelsea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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Somebody’s Chelsea

Old man sitting alone drinking a cold tapped beer and a young man sat near him. Angry eyes and face stared at the televisions. Young man ordered double shot of whiskey and he stared at the shot glass.

Old man watched the man and he remembered sitting alone in a Honderas Tavern. Trying to drink himself to death in 1995 and a beautiful woman asked him. Please dance with me Johnnie. Drinking is not the way to peace. Just a fast way to know death.

Old man tapped the young man shoulder and he asked him. Are you alright son? Young man with the angry face turned and he saw old man kind face.  He whispered. “I’m okay. Thank you for asking.” Old man smiled and reached out his right hand and introduced himself. My name is Johnnie. The young man reached his hand out and he said is name was Paul.

Old man watched the young man down the whiskey and he asked. Can I buy you another round? Good whiskey in small quantities is good for us. Make us know. What is valuable or not? The man looked at the old man and he asked him. “I hurt someone I love with all my heart today. I’m afraid she won’t forgive me. She won’t love me again.”

The old man remembered when pretty lady on the dance floor invited him to meet her family and her kids. He remember laughing children and kind faces. He remembered falling in love. He remember needing her near and the need to have her hand in his hand. She became his life, yesterday and today.

He told the young man. If you can seek forgiveness and call her now and you tell her. She is your life, she is your world and without her. You are nothing.  Pray she can forgive you. True love is rare and a wise man don’t let go. The young man asked for a coffee and he dialed the cell-phone. He told his love. “Honey, I’m so sorry. You are my world, my reason for living and I can’t live without you. Please forgive me.” Sweet woman with soft tears falling told him.  “Come home honey. I forgave you as soon as you left the house. We must stop fighting and love more. I want us to go back in time. Go dancing and take the trips to quiet hotels by the lakes. I’m waiting for you. Please come home soon. ”

Young man with soft tears falling told his love. “Put on your dancing shoes and pretty dress. We will go dancing tonight and find Lake Michigan again. I love you honey and I will be home soon.”

Old man smiled and watched the young man drink his coffee. The old man got up and told the young man. I must get the pizza and go home. Dear wife and grandchildren are waiting. Remember the old man advice. Hold love tight in the good days and tighter in the bad days. Few angels touch our lives. The young man reached out his hand and told the old man. “Thank you sir. I appreciate the concern.”

Old man remembered. Once he had nothing. Today he had everything. Love lessons taught him. Life is what we hold close and the love given and received. He smiled and thanks the spirit of life and death for showing him life over death.
John Castellenas/Coyote


© 2016 Coyote Poetry