Within waking dream

Amazing written and verbal poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

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Within waking dream

3 April 2016

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Sound the bells

They come flying low

Spring blossoms

On birch trees

The water way above knees

On shaking columns

Grant me pen

That I may write check

On balance

Between worlds

Leverage is more than it hurls

From empty spaces

Dark banter

Exclusion now twined

The divine

Under mind

Fluttering in the ribcage

In beats of the sage

winner Virginia Lee terriwindling com Courtesy Virginia Lee on terriwindling.com

Play to fleece

Set your Master peace

Pennies lost

In low stakes

I play chess and domino

Dark theatre of No

winner Virginia Lee terriwindling com 2.jpg Courtesy Virginia Lee on terridwindling.com

Blood curdles

Pokerfaced wolf plays

Raising bets

Lost regrets

Stakes are more than what they seem

I have a winner

Hold it bright

The flames on exchange

Pawn for knight

Cut the light

We warned you once in twilight

On path in between

Soul supreme

Walking through hurdles

Chastised spells

Ringing knells

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