Poetry needing to be read, by a friend.

Unaccompanied and Unacceptable

A Poem by Poppy Ruth Silver

Written after learning the Conservative party voted against the UK accepting 3000 unaccompanied child refugees from Syria…

Like baggage

they are discarded

no-one’s problem

it seems

like a disease

they are turned away

no one cares

it seems

the Conservative party

deem them unfit

to be rescued and cared for

I shudder at the thought

that so many people

won’t or don’t speak out

about such genocide

it is not their fault they exist

in times of programmed

malicious decline

their hands are soiled

from the actions of elites

their hearts are broken

from the silence of humanity’s peak

like baggage

they are discarded

left to fight for themselves

as the world battles on regardless

like a parasite

they are shunned

no parent hears their call

nor witnesses their flow of tears

no future will they have

if we do not overcome our fears

wrong is wrong

money aside

the earth has become borders

lines drawn in bloody sand

wrong is wrong

money aside

this earth is not ours to claim

their tiny footsteps have a rightful place

yet their strength wanes with painful echoes

like a disease

they are turned away

if not today, when will we learn

this legacy will be our shame

©2016 PoppySilver