Before The Sky Fell

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.



Before your eyes were stained with cold tears,
the sky was a more relevant shade of blue.
Before my hands had but withered with years,
your flesh held all the youth I ever knew.

Before sorrow wrought upon you, unspoken,
the splendor of your heart could fill the earth.
Before the quietus of your soul was broken,
no one dared compare to your spirit’s worth.

Before your screams had shattered my breath,
your sighs were the only breath I had known.
Before the morrow set a quake to your death,
you o’erwhelmed with a tremble of your own.

Before your heart could no longer hold mine,
it bore the weight of the world with every beat.
Before your eyes had closed for the last time,
I saw myself in your gaze, my life, complete.

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