_I remember you

I remember you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Old thoughts and poetry



My Scottish Beauty.

                  I remember you

You taught me what love was.
You taught me what  tenderness could be my  Scotland beauty.
You painted my world to a more beautiful place.
Made my anger and disappointment fade away.
Your taught me. I was going to be okay.

You called me, dear and honey.
You were my old fashion gal in a fast pace world.
I was intoxicated by your beautiful brown eyes and auburn hair.
I knew paradise  in your kiss and in your embrace.

I told you once. I wanted you forever, wanted you to be my wife.
We made promises we could not keep.

I wonder how you did my Scotland beauty?
We never said the proper goodbye.
You got away from me and I believe you were lucky.
Young men waste away everything they touch.
Few young men know true wisdom.
I learn too late. I held a true Angel.

You called me because I got sick.  You told me, I forgive you Johnnie.
We were too young and you wanted everything.

I never forgave myself. In a old wishing well.
I wished you found someone who would honor and love you forever.
Someone who knows how beautiful and kind you are.

Dreams and wishes become less painful with time and separation.
I still dream of my Scottish girl and I.
Knowing the true splendor of love.
Sharing hope, coffee and life.