Today a perfect Spring day-Divine Nature

Divine Nature

(Old words and thoughts)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need long walks into the deep forest. Nature can show us we are just part of a living system that need cooperation of all of us for the human race to survive.


                            Divine Nature

In the deceit and deception of human greed.
We forgot. We are part of this planet.
The water, land and air is for us to share with the free animals of this world.
The kindness of God allowed great trees that are reaching for the  heavens to
create clean air for us to breathe.
Great oceans and lakes for us to supply needed water to give us life and energy.
Great factories pour and dump poison into the air and water. Slowly killing all life without concern.

Delicate man is blood, water and bone. A fragile creature killing his habitat without concern for the
future generation. The carnage of war destroyed nature, human life and great cities. It is sad.
This generation ascend to new level of murder. Who can kill a child because he is not of his religion?
Who can destroy a whole city to murder one man? I pray there is justice somewhere for hateful  leader
who desire war before peace.

Divine Nature isn’t eluded from the hate and greed of man. Each day. Another animal will become instinct.
The great tropical forest is being torn down. Places where the herbal plants for medicine grow freely and wild
are disappearing forever. We will say farewell to the deep forest where the animals ran freely once. We will say farewell to clean water  we  swam  and refreshed our bodies with. No pity for Divine Nature. Few cry out for the great forest, sea and the animals of this earth.

Today I will burn the sage by the  river. I will pray for safety of the ancient trees. I will pray we quit drilling in the oceans. I will pray we allow the beast of this world to have places to run free.

The oil spills had changed the sea. Nuclear waste from Japan had reached the United State coastlines. Who is protecting the poor animals of the sea? No-one.

I know we will become old and decay. The earth will out-last us. We will become part of the dirt once more.
I believe we have betrayed Divine Nature. The paradox of a foolish people. See the ending and don’t do the
proper things to ensure.

Divine Nature is loved and protected. We need her more than she need us.
I wave the burning sage by the river. I told my daughter. Plant many trees to remember me when I’m dead.
I want no grave.  Toss my ashes into Lake Superior. I have abuse kind Nature for too long.

I sit by the river and watch my grandchildren run freely in the forest. I pray for wisdom for our leaders.
I pray for peace. I’m tire of war. I’m tire of hate and violence. I want my child to know one day of peace.
I pray every child in our world have shelter, food and safety.  Sometime all we have is hope and prayers.

My biggest fear is. It will take a nuclear weapon killing millions of people for us to know. War doesn’t lead to
peace. Divine Nature and the poor people in the way of war. They pay the price for the  hate and greed.

Coyote/John Castellenas