Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Postcards from Purgatory


Their song lost to the waves
They wander lost for days
The false promise of hope for
Those still holding the ropes
The moon that breaks into a million shards
Over restless waves in restless hearts
Where to search for one finds only it’s parts
Where to long is longing without stop or start
The mermaid sings her restless song and
The lonely sailor for a time will hum along
Blinded by his own want for love
Or the beauty of her eyes, lies spun in tune
What difference these waves or sand dunes
Parched the same and devoid of life
I’ve heard this song too long
To believe it’s compass won’t steer me wrong
There are no rocks to break my hull
I sail on, slave to my will
Wait for others to pass in the sea
Those more lost and weaker that she
That might fall at once…

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