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It has certainly been a pleasure this month honoring famous poets around the world in honor of National Poetry Month. With so many wonderful poets, it was difficult to choose so few. Today’s spotlight will be my favorite; spotlighting poets I  know and admire. I so appreciate their generosity in allowing me to post their poems. Here they are in no particular order. I hope you will visit their sites to enjoy more of their fine work.


by Wayne Tolbert

Suitcase Pic 1

you had a suitcase
packed and ready to go

brown, like the hallway
like the minds of those who tried to hold you back

there was so much of life to live
so much packed in your brown suitcase
strewn like tight jeans and wrinkled shirts
cracked belts and fractured memories

i wished for a promise to give you
a rose and a poem wrapped…

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