Song and quotes for peace

Old Grandpa wisdom.”Take a town to raise a child right. We must teach the proper ways to live and respect for every person.”
Foolish people believe. “They are safe when war is far away. War will find you and come to your front door. Look at today world. How many homeless because of war and hate? How many great cities are gone? Who paid for war? The poor, the common people and the people in the way of the war machine.”
Men who believe war is the road to peace. Are foolish. War create new hate and create separation. What do you tell a child in Syria when they must struggle to survive one day?.
War is big business and it will take a billion people standing as one. To make the Government change. Send medicine, water and food to the needy people in our world. Soldiers, tanks and guns are not the tools of peace.
Old Native wisdom. “Grandparent, parent and the elders have great responsibilities. They are the teachers of the youth. They must teach with wisdom. Teach the children to know respect, how to live in peace with all people and love the earth. Every life had value.”
Thank  you for reading. Please add more quotes and keep the hope of peace alive my friends.
                         John Castellenas/Coyote