Flowers In Terrariums

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.



“I need to watch you closely, may be a few inches from here, every passing second, without batting an eye. I needed to measure the length, thickness, breadth and weight of you. I need to know the reason behind your blue face, and dry throat. I want to dress your wounds, and clean the clutter surrounding your feet. I am eagerly listening to your worries, give them to me. Your silence speaks to me too. I won’t stop you when you want to cry, but I can promise you, that your tears will come down as rain and moisten your skin, tickle you to laughter, spread a ubiquitous fragrance. I want to create a unique space for you, spacious enough to stretch your arms wide. I want to build thick walls, that absorb vibrations of your shrill voice. I want to protect to from you from the differential heating and…

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