Falling into Nirvana

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please readand enjoy.

J. Adam Snyder

“Falling into Nirvana”- J. Adam Snyder

Let’s dance to our passion
Burning the darkness down in orgasmic satisfaction
Life is an experience too short for pain
Only through love can we break free from the hate

All the lies have held you back
Imprisoned your soul in distorted glass
Grab the rock of truth and smash it away
And follow the light to the land where romance plays

So powerful is your art
Forever liberating the roaring heart
Enchanting the sun with your midnight flare
Beguiling the moon in erotic prayer

Your majesty has no bounds
Conjuring poetry with your crown
Like a mystic sorceress of old
Secret wisdom lusting to be bold


Jubilation is within your reach
Baptizing in the flame’s rapturous heat
Bohemian embers cannot be contained
Nor ever extinguished by profane rains

Like a sunrise of flutes
You give a voice to the mute
Shining bright in…

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