Taylor Momsen and some poetry.

House on the hill

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words and thoughts.


The house on the hill

Teacher, teacher. You taught me. Be kind, talk politely and treat all life with respect. The school is falling. All I see is hate, war and separation. Teacher, teacher. What do I believe? Are you teaching us the proper skills?

The house on the hill. Once stood safe and sound. Daddy was my hero and mama taught us love and she protected us. Today the house is falling apart. Daddy drink his rum to find sleep and mama sleeps alone. The once house of laughter and love had turn cold and lonely. Children watched solid world and home become the sand of time swept away by the ocean of disappointment.

Teacher, teacher. They killed children today? Father and mother. I learn how to take cover in my school. Is my world safe? What did you leave for me?

I touch the witches tree today. I love the witched tree. She reaches for the sun and the earth. I prayed we can stop the madness. Who do we blame? Time to stop the naysayers and the spreaders of hate. Need all races, religions and color to demand the end to hate. War is pure profit. The men and country that make profit from war. They  are the killers. No guns, no war.

Teacher, teacher. I saw soldiers fighting and dying. Who is right or wrong?

Poor teacher reached to the child and she whispered. We must stand our ground. The children will lead us to peace. You and the rest of the children must repair the wounded world left by greedy people.

Heal/not kill.    War is not the road to peace. It is the road to death and destruction.

John Castellenas/Coyote