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20 May 2016

karol bak pinterest com 18 Courtesy Karol Bak on pinterest.com

Do you hear

The call of the Love



Every fiber of our frames

Soul quits playing games

Still the mind

Hear inner voices

They speak Art

World’s beauty

Love is more than mere duty

The voice of the Heart

Earth revolves

Spinning round and round


Deep essence

The twirling confirms presence

Of the inner self

The raindrops

They quench every thirst


Falling free

The mighty brought to the knee

Forgotten children

Twining roads

They lead to escape

The blue fires


From ashes of the grey dust

Love is more than lust

The battle

Lies in giving in


Splintered minds

Gather remnants of their kinds

Retrieving oneness

Reading of the poem: 

karol bak pinterest com 12 Courtesy Karol Bak on pinterest.com

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