Too long

A amazing poem for the sea. Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Siren Whispers

FullSizeRender3It has been too long

since I’ve felt the sea salt breeze upon my face

and skittering through my long, dark hair.

It has been too long

since I’ve tasted the tang of the ocean

upon my tongue

and felt the surf rushing up against my legs.

It has been too long

since I’ve been by the sea.

My soul is aching for it.

My need fierce. 

Such is how it is with me.

A girl with the ocean running through her veins

cannot be without it for long. 

And it has been years. 

I am wilting amid this landlocked life. 

At times undone by it

and searching for another breath,

breaths easily taken

were I to be by the sea.

My need for sea and silence growing

every year

as I change

and evolve

into more me

than I’ve ever been.

The girl with the sea 

in her soul.



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