Monday is Memorial day-A soldier’s prayer

The Lover, A Soldier’s prayer.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Soldier goes off to War. Need kind and sweet memories to keep them human.


The Lover (A soldier prayer)

Poor boys and men.
Roads lead to War.

Young woman with a  sweet smile.
Silk dress.
Smelling like sweet flowers.

Whisper,  “let’s dance tonight.
You shall go to War.”

“Tonight we need to create photos for the heart.”

“Memories to keep you warm when you are lonely and afraid.”

Young man brings the sweet Angel close.
Whisper kind words of love and thankfulness.

Soldier stand alone.
Cleans his M-16.
Death is all around him.

He closes his eyes.
He remembered.
The smell of flowers.
The feel of the silk dress.

The sweet smile of his love.

Keeps him human.

John Castellenas
4 April 2009