My brother, my friend. Memorial day

My brother, my friend. We need you, Soldier. alive and well


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I met a man waiting for death.


de                              My brother, my friend. We need you, Soldier. Alive and well.

I’m working. A young man walking very slowly with a cane was coming toward me. I went to him and asked him, did he need a cart? He told me no and he told me. Doctors told me. I won’t walk again. I will walk.  I apology and told him. Most folks don’t need the carts to get around. He smiled and he told me I understand. I must walk. Make me feel human again. I was wounded in the war. I cannot die yet.
I told him. I was a Soldier once. A honor to meet you. I told him my name was John. He gave me his hand and he told me. My name is Chris. A Marine. I asked him was he okay? He smiled. Bad heart, four bullets to back and I’m surviving. I asked him. Is the VA helping him? He told me they want to replace body parts and I told them no. I’m single and I have no-one. Need to help men with families. I can’t be saved anyway. I have accepted my death.
I told him. You deserved everything they can give you. You served your government with honor. He smiled and he told me. My dad told me the same. Brother soldier, I volunteered and I have accepted my fate. I went to war freely. I was wounded in a roll-over. He told me with a great smile. I shot the 50 cal and saved my three friends. Damn truck roll-over and I was left for dead. My friends pulled me out. I’m okay. Men die in life and in war. Some of us die slower.
I took his hand and I told him. My brother, my friend. We need you, Soldier. Alive and well. He looked me in the eyes and he told me. Thank you John. I will consider your words. I’m tire. A lot of pain. Sometime death is peace my friend.
I watched him slowly walk away. He walked away like a man should. On two feet. He served his country. I pray his country return the favor.
                                    Coyote/John Castellenas