Helen and the Swan

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Poet's Corner

Photo by Richard Calmes Photo by Richard Calmes

This is an old story, and may—or may not— be true. All I know is that, even as the old man I now am, my soul can still feel the pull of the moon and a girl such as this.

The night of the full moon calls her to the water,
This daughter of Leda.
She feels it in her neck and belly,
She feels the prickles on her back where the wings hide.

Her mother sheltered a swan fleeing an eagle,
Not knowing it was that lecherous old liar, Zeus,
Transformed for seduction—For rape.
He admired Leda and devised a ruse to
Gain her bed.

Or so the story goes. Helen never knew for sure.

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