“Stone to flesh”

Stone to flesh

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Easy to believe in nothing. Needing only self-gain. Lonely death for a man who held wealth and power as God.


  Stone to flesh

They say writers, musicians and artist must be mad men and women.
They see beyond the falseness of the world lies and mockery.

Do you believe the people in Africa and Asia want to kill us?
Do you believe people trying to survive the day. Have concern for us faraway?
Wise men look at life with real vision. Here in the land of milk and honey we have
all races and religion. We are a mix of many people trying to survive too.

Stone face politicians tell us the enemy is at our door. Need more guns for the
hate of war. Give lobbyist half our budget to create more ways to kill.
Brother and sister we have enough bombs in the USA to destroy the complete world 10,000 times.
Use the math son and daughters. Take only once time to kill what was alive.

I know love and kindness hurts a lot. Having conversation to solve problems not create separation would be nice.
Nations based on war can they be changed. Lead by the gun and you will die by the gun.

Brothers and sisters. Love and kindness mean you will see the hungry and the needy. Send water,
food and medicine. A lot cheaper than a division of Soldiers. A helping hand will began the healing.

Wise leader will secure the borders. Fix their own problems. Here in the land of milk and honey. 37
million with no job. 50  million receiving some sort of welfare from the government.  Leaders in
Washington D.C like to create false demons and lies. If you didn’t know. They are gay folks in our world. You can’t control the wind or human emotion. Abortion is a issue. Abortion is a personal issue. You and your God must find peace. USA was based on immigrants. Even at one point the Native Americans crossed over to the America’s.

We must turn the stone hearts of our leader to flesh again. The flesh bleed and had needs. People who bleed know. Love and kindness in the way. I had a stone heart once. Now with wife, children and grand kids. My heart is alive and bleeding.

What did my father leave for me? Vietnam and separation.  I leave less for my children. Our children pay the price for us not doing nothing. Look at life my brothers and sisters. The sea is dying. Great lakes are polluted. Brother killing brother in many place in this world. Woman getting rape and mistreated. Slavery is alive and well in this world.

President Clinton stopped all money and support to a country who held hate. Maybe President Clinton answer is needed now. No money to countries teaching hate and separation. President Clinton send me on many food and water/medicine missions to Asia and Africa. We open doors that were closed. Countries allowing abuse of woman, killing people because of religion and sexual preference. Need no support from the land of milk and honey.

Thank you for reading.