In the name of Love

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In the name of Love

7 July 2016

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Their vision scorched me

Thousand soldiers of darkness

Of untruth their flag

Is this as it is

The sum of all our hardships

Walking on the knees

I roamed the deserts

My hair running its own way

Talks of centuries

My shadows cast light

In the silence of their screams

As the widow dreams

They hardened their hearts

In the name of freedom’s rings

As their chains tightened

Martial waverings

Their walks valleys of despair

As orphans huddled

The suns in me tire

Of the cycles of tales dire

Reinventing hope

The blind men will grope

Their hands panic stricken tools

Their hearts emptiness

Power’s not prowess

Only throne of loneliness

Rotten arm in glove

When I live again

Walk with me in the valleys

In the name of Love

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