“On the thread of a words”

On the thread of a word


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Been a while. A new poem.


                              On the thread of a word
(Freedom is only the distance between the hunter and his prey.)
Bei Dao

Just like a hurricane from hell.
You twisted my world from a lonely existence to a life
where I needed your caress.

You took me to a dark bedroom.
Light many soft candles.
Slowly torn down walls of disappointment.

The voice of Leonard Cohen whispering  sweet words of
“Dance me to the end of love.”
In the distance.

You were not my first lover.
You would not be my last.
But I held you close like you were my last breath.

The rain is pouring down softly.
We listen to the rain in a needed silence.

You rose from our warm bed.
Danced to the music and words of Cohen.
He sang “The Gypsy’s wife.”

You fell next to me.
Told me. “I want to be a Gypsy woman. Know pleasure, sweet pleasure.
Watch the moon rise from the east every night and fall into the sea.
Wait for the sun to heat the day.
Swim nude in the clear rivers.
Be clean of the earthy greed and dirt.
Drink sweet red wine and not be afraid to be alive.”

I kissed sweet lips. Told my sweet lover.
“I came into this world with nothing.
I will one day leave with the same.
I learn time is the healer.
We must go on living.

(I will refuse to mourn because I’m dying to live.)
Shu Ting

Leonard Cohen is singing “Sister of mercy now.”

My sweet lover gave me many sweet kisses.
Pressed her body against me.
Whispered sweet words. ” We are learning. Learning to appreciate
the gentle touch. Allowing walls of protections to fall down.
There is no guarantees. We live on the thread of words. Hoping
we can find the forever lover to light up a life.”

Promises made in the darkness of a night.
Are hard to keep.

Dreams and hope are the desire for the young in heart.
People willing to take down shields of protection.
Will know paradise by the shadow of the dancing candles.

I kissed my sweet lover.
Brought her body closer.
Whispered “We must hold on tight. Road is hard and long.
I will make a promise of being with you.
As long as you need me. I will be strong.
I have tasted pain and pleasure.
I had enough of blood and misery.
Promise me to tell me to leave.
Before hate and disappointment overtake us.”

My lady whispered.
“No guarantees except we have tonight and tomorrow.
One day at a time. Real love takes a lifetime.
Let’s survive the night and see where we are standing in
the morning.”

Two people holding tight.
Wish for things lost.
Hope is the last dream.
Beauty is when two people can find some sort of peace.

Leonard is singing “Hallelujah.”

Sleep comes for two dreamers.