Short poetry for love

Short poetry for love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


Short poetry for love

Secret love

We had only minutes and hours together.
We wanted everything and we wanted nothing.
I remember how your eyes tempted me.
They danced like the wild Pacific sea for me.
I held you closely often and we loved each other without needed promises to break.
Today I whisper.
I love you sweet Kelly. You are my secret love that can’t be forgotten.

Everything and nothing

I made the fatal decisions. I kissed her lips and we danced the Texas two-step to the country songs.
I serenaded her with words of love and
I remembered the essence of her skin.
The smell of free flowers and we submerged into the aura where lovers are free and true.
She was Texas beauty and I was a Soldiers.
She told me an Soldier’s promise is.  “Just words to spin the mind of the helpless lover, to create
a river of emotions taking hope and heart to deadly place. The soldier’s kiss will take you to the
highest mountain and to wild dances in the satin sheets. Soldier’s love war and they will break your heart.”

Two lovers danced. Blessed by age and good song. Blessed by good song and Texas. The soldier didn’t answer. The soldier knew. He wanted everything and he wanted nothing. He kissed his Texas love. Allowed the silence to overtake them. He knew. Words can turn to painful memories. Better to know the tryst of love than fall to burning fire of disappointment.
John Castellenas/Coyote