Lullaby Within the Wind

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


I write your name

Upon a darkened sky

And I whisper a beautiful lullaby

In the wind of the night

Humming the melody of my heart

Revealing how I feel inside
Can’t you see those glittering stars?

Dancing freely high above

Can’t you hear the symphony within the wind?

A song I secretly compose for your ears

Can’t you feel the beat of my heart?

Everytime the cold breeze touches your skin
Silently I utter your name

Welcoming heavy emotion to reside

A feeling that couldn’t be shoved

Nor I have word to define the feeling

Only I know

I yearn to have you near

Longing for your kiss

To drift me away into your fantasy

For I want to live in there

And become more than your ecstasy

A companion

For your soul

A lover

For your heart

A woman

In your life

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