Tea Party 

A amazing tale by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


​Come and join my tea party

With my Dishevelled teddy bears.
I’ve saved you room
Next to me, red ribbons in my hair

Bravely sent a special invite
Secret password inside.
Receiving this, a precious offer
Into the little world I hide

My flowery torn dress reveals
glimpses of my sins.
Cobwebs shroud and curtain my room
Dimming the light within

But in this junkyard of a room
A glowing pristine box, I reveal
Out comes my taintless tea set
With puerile excited squeal!

Come sit down on my blanket
A little dusty, worse for wear,
Ill shake it off, with the grown-up world
Pretend I’m innocently unaware

Lining up my life long friends,
place them in their favourite spots.
Pour you a cup of notion
be careful now, it’s hot!

Please don’t sneer my callow coping
Or instruct me to grow.
This blanket is my sanctuary
From a world…

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