These shoes

Please read the amazing poetry of a talented writer.


It is Sunday July 24th and I have taken a rather long- two month- hiatus from blogging. I have been re-examining the direction of my life and thankfully, I have only confirmed my chosen pathway. I would like to share with you a poem which epitomizes that decision. I hope that it would give others the courage to live the dreams they can’t seem to get out of their heads.

These shoes:mens-natural-unique-stitch-brown-cow-leather-rubber-sole-lace-up-shoes


for soundless trample

upon floors

of dim-lit wards

on endless sleepless


have now been worn.

These dreams

embarking on

a different path

whispering to

my restlesswalking-shoes-hand-26233318


have long been torn

by sensible shoes

on clumsy feet

moving through

the maze of life.

But these shoes

don’t fit these

too big feet of mine.

Feet stockinged

for the job;

reluctantly plodding

without joy.

These feet were meant                            …

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