Ocean’s Edge

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


Barefoot I walk along the water’s edge, my favorite place
as I step gingerly around the shattered, colored glass
wary of broken shells beneath my feet thrown upon the shore
avoiding scattered pieces of
seaweed and grass tangled amongst the debris,
I wonder if this is the place I still want to be, should be.
An early morning chill in the air makes me wish for warmness on my skin,
but the clouds rule the sky while the sun blatantly teases from behind them as foamy, relentless waves crash beside me splashing an unwanted, cool spray.
The salty air permeates all, reminding me that I have little control other than to walk away.
Longing for the days of a caressing, nurturing sun to blanket me,
I reminisce about the times when the sea enveloped me,
and I embraced it.
Yesteryear’s laughter is hauntingly carried on the wind whipping my face,

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