Lazy Cat and La Malinche

Beautiful artwork and amazing words. Please come to her site and enjoy.

Veronica Aldous

Lazy Cat and La Malinche

La Malinche queen of conspirators, arches her back
Flips in and out of being a cat, is sun on pebbles
The dark shadow cupping her buttocks
In two crisp indigo moons, she loves
That grey conquistador who is her companion –

Down by the river, hot flies sting the alligators’ lips
A huge anaconda slides a filthy malcontent down his throat
There is healing in this swamp  of dripping leaves
The leeches have purpose, the women collect them
To cool fevers, senors with red hands indolently flip fish
Gambling on supper cooked in green sheaths
In scarlet bodega  broom cupboards , men dream
Of  Malinche rubbing her breasts upon a fur rug
Their ribcages  can barely contain the hormones
That make them  loathe themselves
As a preparation for war.

Veronica Aldous 2016 All Rights Reserved

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