“The storm”

The storm

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Sometime we want what we shouldn’t have.


                                      The storm

She had shrouded him with gentle embrace. She was his dream and want. He knew to refrain than create hope where there was none.

He organized his life to be near her. He would walk with her after Physical training in the morning. He loved her six-foot frame and her legs as long as Texas. Her tanned body left little for the imagination.

She started eating lunch with him. She would listen to his stories of suicide boarding and free-climbing. She told him. I heard you were wild and not tamed. I’m bored as hell. I love the sea and I want to free-climb. I want your to take me with you. I want to see San Francisco and go to Pfiefer beach and lay nude. He looked at her free-flowing auburn hair and tan legs and said. Okay.

She came to his poetry reading. He led the reading on Tuesday and Thursday in downtown Monterey. He read  a poem and introduced a  young Poet. He went to her. She told him. I want you to read me poetry on the Big Surf beach. I want  to lay nude and free for you to see. I want a million poems written for me. You are my dark Poet and friend. Let’s create a storm without ending.

He took her to Pfiefer beach on a warm June day. He took her to the hills nearby and showed her the vast Pacific ocean. She leaned against him and whispered. Thank you Johnnie. I need to feel alive and crazy. I have been too tamed for too long. I want us to go where we can’t return. Create a fire that can’t be put out. I want to find hidden waterfalls and dance in the street of San Francisco. I want us lay nude and drink coffee into late morning.

Two content people watched the sea dance with no place to go but dangerous and dead-end places. Stood fearless and waiting. The storm can change who we are and what we need. No better place to be than the eye of the storm.

Coyote/John Castellenas