Baby The Thrill Is Gone*

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Soul Symphonies

Stealth mode activated, days of fluorescence are lost
And I am going under cover, tell my demons I’ll be gone.

When emptiness attempts to slyly slide between the sheets
I’ll set aflame corrupted dreams to feel alive.

Whiskey lullabies* for you and I. Do kisses help
When bitterness is burgeoning in veins and limbs?

Toes and shins dancing in and out of beds
Creaking voices in my head drag me back to the start.

Can you move forward when you’re hiding in the past?
When love’s engraved like an epitaph on your barren heart?

The days of fluorescence are gone.

~By: Tanya~

Fictional Yet Familiar;Images: Pinterest

*B.B. King – When in doubt, steal from the blues.

* Borrowed. (Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley, one song I don’t like at all.)

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