Did I tell you

Did I tell you?

Did I tell you how thankful I’m for you, my dear Grandparent? You gave me shelter, shared meals and wisdom. You taught me how to live. To appreciate life, nature and laughter. Today I wish I told you more often. I loved you and without you. My life would have been a poorly lit  journey. I feel your strength in my words and how I live.

Did I tell you how thankful I’m for you, my children? You gave me reasons to never give-up or give-in. I learned after holding my first child in my arms. I had true reasons to be alive. I watched you grow into strong men and women. You have honored me with your success. Greatest reward of a life. To have your children standing strong and proud.  I wish to tell you often. I love you and I hope life is fair and sweet for you.


Did I tell you how thankful I’m for you, my grandchildren? In my old age. You are my joy and laughter. You give me reasons to know; stay alert and strong. I want  to show you new places and things. I love to see your eyes filled with joy and happiness. Days at the park, beaches and baseball games. Our time. I pray I become like my grandfather. A patience teacher. I pray I become like my grandmother. Never a negative word and always words of love and praise shared for us.




Tomorrow is my birthday. Once old age don’t scare me, today old age is welcome. I have learn. Real wealth is many grandchildren at my feet and love near. True wealth is having a open door for friends and the family. Lead with concern, kindness and love.

John Castellenas/Coyote