Concern, kindness and love

Blind to world sorrow. Deep in self-need. What do we become? A life with knowing love, without the balance of charity and concern for our world. We were just strangers living with blindness to the need to the homeless, the hungry and the weak.  A good life feel the suffering of the people in need. Even a kind word, some money and a helping hand. Concern, kindness and love will lead us to good life and end.



People die 5000 miles away. Children and women. Murder for the cause of land and power. A college student murdered in Austin, Texas. I cried with the parent. This could be my child or grandchild.  We must learn. All life had value. Every life is a light of hope and love. We need to demand the end to hate and violence. Need a billion prayers to end the madness.

Peace, a forgotten words. New USA leaders want to built walls to keep out bad people. What if the bad people are here already? Walls don’t mean safety. Safey can be found when all people work together for the sake of peace and calm. Time to fire the berserkers in-charge and seek peace without death and murder. A world where people lead with concern, kindness and love. Would be a better world.

John Castellenas/Coyote