Songs for us

Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry by a talented writer.


12932987_1702823776673532_1762864125928371229_n Photography by Ivana Bella

Where have we gone, my friend, where are you now?
Are roses as red and wine as luring in your refuge,
and will you meet me at the venue?

We’ll play songs of long forgotten charms
You’ll hold my neck in your arms
And we will remember

How we loved each other dearly as long as music played
And when time came for you to leave; how you always stayed
How with each other our hearts were never guarded
And how the part when we part our ways was always the hardest

Did we have to part, was it not meant to be?
Did I do you wrong or was The Heaven jealous of you and me?

Envious of such a soul walking The Earth
Not caring much for how much it hurts
those who stay behind; to live with wounds, to breathe with scars

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