“I’m no-one and you are everything”

I’m no-one and you are everything

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


                               I’m no-one and you are everything

I bleed everyday for people who have no concern for me. I work and and I work some more. I have accepted my place without a fight. Years ago. I would have stood my ground and fought for the right things.

Now old age had caught me and my life view had changed. Now children at my feet and bills to be paid.  I learn I’m parts of many people lives. Need a peaceful man willing to work and know concern.

I know life is hard work. Good people will work and work for the need of a home and to maintain a decent life. I do not complain. I know today. I’m no-one and you are everything.

Everything is the gifts of love.
The smiles of child.
Making the dear wife happy and safe.
Finding time to spend with the children.

Life is a twisted journey. If we are lucky. We learn to appreciate the new day, good friends and laughter. We are here for a short time. We need to leave memories of someone who worked hard, loved hard and loved to laugh.

I’m no-one and you are everything. A wise person will understand. The love we leave behind is the wealth we have truly create.

John Castellenas/Coyote