While You Were Saying It

Please read and enjoy the poetry of a talented writer.

Charissa's Grace Notes

It’s bigger than a blue canyon,
that place my orphic words live
and come down from,


a canyon with one end anchored in eternity
and one end tipping intowhatever
“-ality” … “-ernity”we dwell in
right herein River City.

I reach up and pull downWords
like apples goldenor ripe peaches soft
fragrantand newly fuzzy insistent

and throw them intothat canyon blue
blewsy runnyand streaked in greys
and oranges(like rock sunsets)

Image result for a blue canyon

…but those words…

those words
and become

as small in your eyesas they
are big in my headand
what was once limitless
is now merely living


and that makes me lonely
and feeling like

I got too close to important truth
too close to your secret hiraeth heart

buriedin your soul’s backyard
likesome long loved lost bone…
so you just look at me funny
and shoo me away with


blinking eyes and wagging head
as if not…

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