“No regret”

No regret

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good people bless us with their time and friendship.


                                    No regret

She was an Iron Mountain, Michigan girl.
Eyes of golden brown, long-legged and a robust body.
Her auburn hair laying wild and free on soft and gentle shoulders.
She asked me. Would I want to see some bears tonight and maybe go swimming?

Ten beers and six doubles shots of Jack Daniels made me fearless and weak. I agreed to go to watch the bears and I was already dreaming of this beautiful young woman in her bathing suit.

Cathy knew I was loco.
She knew I was wild and crazy for her.
She saw in my eyes. I was dreaming of a wild nights.

She was nineteen and a beauty queen.
She wanted more than she had.
I was in the right place at the right time.
When the young woman decide she wanted  to dance.
She decide the moment.

We drank the whiskey and watched the bears eat the garbage at the dump site.
Cathy came closer and she whispered. “You like the bears, Johnnie?
She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her body near.
She told me. “Johnnie, you are alright. You made me come to you. It is good to be
the predator, not the prey sometimes.”

We went to the Wisconsin River. Wild and beautiful Cathy stripped down to nothing and
jumps into the cold river. I stood and watched her. I slowly undressed knowing the water
would be very cold.

Cathy knew I was loco.
She knew I was wild and crazy for her.
She saw in my eyes. I was dreaming of her.

I jumps into the Wisconsin River. I silvered up when touching the cold river water.
She came to me and she embraced me and she whispered. “I’m not yours and you are not mine.Let’s be like the river. Free, wild and having no control. Be untamed by the light of the kind moon. I decided I needed you and I know you wanted me. I saw how you looked at me months ago in my mini-skirt and tank top. Like I was special and so beautiful. I want to feel special. Please make me feel special. I don’t want to hold no regret.

Sweet Cathy took me to many amazing places. We watched the Eagle fly at the reservation.
We swam in the old mines where the mineral water overtook the empty and dead mines.
She was my sweet and secret love who knew.

I was loco for her.
She knew I was wild and crazy for her.
She knew by looking into my eyes.
I dreamed of her.
I dreamed of her and wild nights.

She stayed in Iron Mountain.
Johnnie left and never forgot’
his beautiful Cathy asking him to love her and hold no regret.

Coyote/John Castellenas