I want to.

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Literature Is My Porn

I want to etch


On snow-capped mountains

With words

That turn

A shy shade

Of pink,

The colour

Of your palm

When I pinch it, lightly.


I want to hang

Your shattered pieces,

Glittering moons

In the sky,

Their beauty


In the midnight ocean,

Liquid gold


A black backdrop.


I want to feel

Your secrets

And fears

Drape themselves softly

On the tips

Of my fingers,

Lying underneath

A graveyard

Of broken souls

Hanging in the night sky,

As I run my fingers

On your skin,

Drawing a map

Of cities undiscovered

And treasures lost,

Residing in the deepest

Trenches of your heart.


I want to take


To exotic places

Where the water

Wears the moonlight

Like a veil,

And the trees sway

To the rhythm

Of your poetry,

And show you that

The most beautiful thing

You’ll ever see

Has always been…

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