Remember you, remember me

Remember you, remember me.


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


“Non temere le difficolta’. Anche il mare si serve degli scogli per arrivare in alto”

photo: @lucamagrassi(Thank you Tumblr)

Remember you, remember me.

Gin, sin and the sea
You liked the silence and the gin. I loved the sea and your company.
You told me often. “If you expect little. Small chance of knowing hurt and pain. Some us are like glass.
Easily broken and cannot be repaired.”

She sat between my legs and we watched the dancing sea. She loved when the tide took over the beach. She would walk the beach after the tide reversed and find the gifts from the sea.

I told her. Dying fire cannot be reborn. We must open the locked doors and reveal ourselves. She smiled and she kissed me. She whispered to me. “Love promises. Just words said to make someone want more. Only safe place is the gin, the sin and the sea. They keep their promises.

Shade of love

She painted pretty pictures. She loved to paint the sea, the children and the moon. She told me often. “The sea, the children and the raising moon. Perfect beauty for us to see. Few things in our life are kind and sweet. Dear Poet, you demand little and you give me the shade of love. Love should be kind and vibrant.”

I brought her close and I told her. We must laugh and cry often to understand. Life is a wild ride with unknown ending. We must find some joy in life. You create painting that will ever last your name and face. I write words, hoping someone will remember. It is good to know the shade of love. In your eyes, I feel like a Poet. I can accomplish great deeds. I hope your know. I believe you are a gift and miracle to me.

She wrapped her arms around me and she smiled. She whispered. You make the sea more wonderful and the midnight moon shine brighter. I love you dear friend.

John Castellenas/Coyote