The Sea

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Languishing In Humanity


The surf crashes in with its steady flowing music

A breeze carries the smell of a well washed aire

That entices me to lean forward toward the endless ocean



 Someday I shall lay down unto her open arms to remain forever

That I become a part of her as if I was there before and always

Her voice the siren calling to me ~ as my heart sings back gratefully

I come to you forever dear Sea



 Have you ever noticed the harder you try to end pain, the more pain does not end?

(English translation for those who do not know Italiano)

Suffer In Silence

My love you go away
it’s so sad and you know that
What useless days
I will live by thinking of you
I’ll give my life to have you always
close to me
Like a voice that by…

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