Tango lullaby

Tango lullaby

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.
Tango lullaby

Loving lady is waiting for me. Her black tight dress covering up little. Allowing her long tans legs to tempt my visions when I arrived at the night club. She had her long black hair tied tightly and her feet were moving to the beat of the songs. I promised her dance and drink and  I went to her and kissed her lips and bare shoulders. Her tempting dark eyes make me fall two steps backward and I told her. You are my temptress dear Cara.

She gave me a fatal smile and she told me. “You are late my love. Making a lady know fasting of the dance. Allowed the good songs to be wasted. Many a kind gentlemen offered dance and drink. How shall you redeem yourself? The midnight hour is here. You promise me dance and sweet red wine from the valleys of France.”

The song “Tango Lullaby ” begin to play. I smiled and I told her. Our song my love. I took her hands and I took her to the dance floor. I held her waistline tightly and she held her hips tightly against me.  We moved to the beat of the song. Our two bodies becoming one in the ancient dance of passion.

We submerged into the dance of the wanting and demanding tango. Her face, her body near and her sweet whispers. Make the night sweet and warm.  I told her.

I have loved you for a million years. I remember when you danced alone for me. Your hips moving with the siren twist and you bare stomach. Showing perfect womanly waist I wanted to behold and never release. She laugh at my words and she whispered.

“I forgive you my Johnnie. Tonight we shall dance the wicked waltz.  Allow the Gods to see. Love is alive we cannot be tamed.  Music is life and love is the part we must know. Tonight we dance and drink. Tomorrow we will remember. Yearn for another night in the embrace of the tango lullaby.

John Castellenas/Coyote

© 2016 Coyote Poetry