“Bad to the bones”

Bad to the bones

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good music took me to good days and places.


Bad to the bones

(Written in 1989 rewritten today)

I’m going crazy. I don’t know which way is out or in.
I have fell into too deep. I can’t see the light.
Darkness took my heart and mind to better places than here.

I can’t see beyond this moment.
I don’t want more lies adding to the overflow of naysayers and dead in dreams and hope.

I’m been led to the slaughter, not knowing why I fight and kill?
Even alcohol and taverns leave me yearning for better place and ending.

I’m beyond being saved.
I don’t care if I live or die.
My bones had turn cold. Soft heart to leather and spoil blood.

I can’t remember the sweet woman I have known.
I don’t even know If I had loved or not?

Going crazy.
Roaming the California coastline trying to find my sanity.

I sit at River Inn in Big Sur, California.
Listening to people not in prison yet.
They told me. Better to dance and sing to the end.
When you give-up your voice and opinion.
You got nothing left.

I listened to the song. Bad to the bones.
Make me want to break the chains and know what I truly need.
Life is getting harder. Old soul need some relief.

Better to suicide the sea, climb the mountains near.
Pay no attention to people who want to drain your blood and
leave you for dead.

Freedom of mind and spirit. Can’t let it go.
Better to die free and know the open road and good people.
Who don’t want to own you.

Coyote/John Castellenas