This world

Please read and enjoy the positive words of a talented writer.


We live in a world of such extremes

Where the rich and the poor have different dreams

The rich want to keep piling up their wealth

And the poor just anxious to maintain good health.

In a world so focused on material obsession

Where money and ownership of many highly prized possessions,

Get you seen more highly than beings who are spiritually blessed;

Or just trying to create equality betwenn who’s got more and whos’s got less.

It’s a strange kind of world that we live in today

Many feel isolated and afraid

Regardless of being rich or poor

Many to scared to step outside their door.

People see themselves as single individual souls

And that everyone around them is unknown,

Because we seem to have lost the feel of community

Lost sight that we should be living in unity,

For this brings people together in a positive way


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