Dirty little secret-part one

Dirty little secret-part one

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


Dirty little secrets-part one

She knew. The first time I saw her face. I loved her. Once in a private moment. I told her. Dear Liz, my Elizabeth.  Some people enrage the heart and behold our dreams and wishes. Best for us to be apart.  If you wanted me. Would be a prelude to storm of anger and disappointment.

Exquisite woman face and eyes came near. Hot Summer day and the beach. I made her talk and I could not look away. She knew she stole my heart and wishes.  I worship her face, legs and my wandering wishes wanted  to hold her waist tightly and kiss her sweet lips, neck and face.

I know life is twisted. You want what can’t be held and the Poet wrote for his muse. Secret words. Hidden in closed books.

Dirty little secrets
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Fatal love left me standing alone.
I dreamed of you.
You come to me in my daydreams.
You release silky dress and allowed my eyes to see milky and soft skin.
I serenaded you with words of love and appreciation.
I saw in your eyes. You needed someone to tell you.
You are my only love, my beautiful lady and my only wish.
I loved your laughing eyes and how you move when you walk.
You walk like a lady dancing with the sky and the sun.

I awake with your name upon my lips. I whispered to the  Gods of life and death.
Keep me safe from a pretty lady. Those dirty little secrets leave me empty. Last wishes left.

In the deepness of the sweet dream.
I whispered. I will love you sweet Liz, Elizabeth forever.

Somewhere in time. You found me. I became the Lake St. Clair Poet. Writing song of love for you and you came to me by the lake. You asked me. “Is life truth or dare? Do dead and hidden passion need to be enraged and solicit to the wanting body and heart.”

I went to her and I held her. I whispered. If you open a door and two people gather hidden need and explode into the wild and untamed dance of repress love. No turning back. When two people mouth, skin and legs fall to fatal kiss and embrace. Is it fiction or non-fiction need dear Liz?

I whispered liz, my Elizabeth. If you submerged in a secret love. That can’t see the daylight. Is it worth the dangerous journey to a sequel of tears and heart-break.

She smiled and she brought me closer. She whispered. “I need to feel alive. I need a long ride to unknown place and I need someone to say my name like you do. I want to be exposed to dark tavern and the dancing bars. I want to shed my fake face and life. I want to dance with sea and kiss the clouds with someone like you.

John Castellenas/Coyote